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Well done. Thank you Static Z! Like 1. I'm using this free app from github. It works perfect for me. I love this app, does just what I need it to. The new icon in the menu bar, I don't like. EDIT: And, they put the old icon back! Fantastic idea, been looking for a replacement for Rogue Amoeba's "Detour" for years.

Just want to route audio, don't need volume adjustment or EQ.

Sound Control

Unfortunately, this doesn't actually work. Installed it, only a subset of audio-generating apps show up. Deleted, reinstalled, and now a larger subset shows up, but still not many of them.

If you can’t adjust volume, here is how you can fix:

Most importantly, not iTunes. Enormous potential, but it has to actually work. Static Z Software. Please use staticz. We definitely want to look into this and address it. Like 3.

Here's A Volume Trick For Mac That Will Change Your Life | Cult of Mac

Just what I was looking for, I'll pay up happily. If you open other app which has Sound function, using this kind of apps will trigger higher CPU, because "Sound Control" app stays in the background. About this, I took a large time to take screenshots and contacted with the developer, and finally he gave up fixing this issue with no reply. The fact is "com. Really this application gives you total control of all the sound of your Macbook.

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My test of Sound Control application was on my Macbook Pro 13 mid , which installs the system High Seirra really Sound Control was fast throughout my test The quality of the sound is excellent and you always have the possibility to change the style of the sound. The interface has a beautiful design with a simple menu for use and easy.

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I confirm and highly recommend Sound Control to all Mac OSx users and give 5 stars to this application. The App asks me to install missing components in an endless loop. This is the first we have heard of this issue.

Mac Tip: Mastering the menu bar's volume button on Mac

It has never been reported to support, which can be contact at staticz. This is the 2nd! Also, nothing happens when I click the Register button. The Register button becomes active when I enter my name and code. Does the 1.

Per-app EQ

Disappointed keyboard commands have not been added to version 2. I have the Additional Components Required install loop too. The additional components download etc but after installing I'm prompted to install them yet again. Each application gets its own sound output controls. And it could not be much easier to use.

How to properly configure Mac sound preferences

Click the Menubar. There is nothing to not like about Sound Control if you have multiple devices connected to your Mac. The app is not expensive. And almost self explanatory once installed.

Click on the Menubar icon. Select the app whose sound output you want to control. Click the slider bar left and right for volume.