Steam internet connection error mac

Maybe three times in six years.

I've had Steam refuse to start on my Windows machine twice in the last year mind. Might have too many games.

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Yes, sorry. My Macs are permanently in dev mode so no hidden folders.

Steam won't launch [Mac OS X Mojave] : Steam

Can't play any steam games on mac anyway. Phattso wrote: Try this: "Go to Finder. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Didn't Steam drop support for older versions of the MacOS a while ago? If you're not on the latest that may be the issue. All I know is that they want me to install the latest update and make all of my current apps incompatible with the new OS Edited by TAJB at Zerobob 21 Feb 2, posts Seen 12 hours ago Registered 10 years ago.

An old version of macOS could definitely be causing your Steam issue. I'm running OSX Should I update? Would this be causing the issue?

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So I just searched my steam folder and found no Registry. Any suggestions?

Steam won't open on Mac

Phattso 23 Feb 24, posts Seen 6 hours ago Registered 15 years ago. Or just move it if you don't want to risk deleting it outright. The 'registry. TAJB It might be a permissions issue. Open up Disk Utility in the Utilities folder which is in the main Applications folder , select your hard drive on the left and click the 'Repair Disk Permissions'. It might pay to reboot after that but I'm not sure. Keep them pressed until the Mac does the start up 'bong' another time. So i deleted App Cache and Registry. Nothing seems to be working and now when I check finder the folder directory can't be found even though I was just there?

Just to confirm - this is only happening with Steam, right?

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All your other usual apps are working as expected? Oh, here's a silly question: it hasn't opened in another desktop space has it? It should switch to the space when you click on the icon, but I'm in clutching at straws territory now. Another question: you said you'd reinstalled steam, but as you didn't have permission to see the files mentioned above I'm assuming you didn't try deleting the directory first? Then install Steam. We're sort of into head scratch territory now.

Dunno if it will help but maybe delete the 'com. Another thing to try might be to create another user account on your Mac and see if the problem still occurs when logged in with that one.

Run Steam as Administrator

Would like to know that as well, still a problem in Europe You must Log In to add a comment. Like Us On. Follow Us On. Log In Support. Add Reply. Could not connect to the Steam Network. Either check your connection and click "Retry", or start Steam in "Offline Mode". I can log on to steam through the normal Steam client no problem. Clicking "Retry" dose not do anything, and Steam in "Offline Mode" dose not work.

I live in Europe. All help appreciated :. All help appreciated : Attachments. Same problem here. Super strange. Same issue here. Hi All We are actively looking into these issues. Hello again. Thanks a lot :. I also keep getting the "Could not connect to Steam network" error. Yep same problem here. You must Log In to send a PM.

Fix Steam Error: “Could Not Connect to the Steam Network”

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