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Thermal Printhead Clean the thermal printhead every three months or more often with heavy use.

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A build-up of thermal paper coating on the printhead can cause light or uneven printing. Use a solution containing alcohol on a nonwoven, nonabrasive cloth such as Techni-Cloth to wipe off the printhead. Do not use paper toweling, as it can scratch the printhead. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode.

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Key: Admin , Global Mod , Mod. Most Online 1, Mar 26th, Powered by UBB. Previous Thread. Next Thread. John There are things that are known and there are things that are unknown. Will check my manual box tonight Never under-estimate the predictability of stupidity.

Will check my manual box tonight My mistake. The thermal array has no adjustments - was thinking of earlier units.

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Connect cable to the main PCB. Remove the power supply assembly following procedures above. Inside the power supply compartment, disconnect the cable that connects to the writer assembly. Open the unit to access the paper compartment. Move the paper size bracket to the A4 position to expose one of the writer assembly mounting screws. Remove the screw and return the paper size bracket to the 8.

Close the unit and turn it over so the bottom side is up. For international wiring tests, refer to the internal standards agencies of that particular country.

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If the measurements are significantly out of range, have a qualified electrician repair the outlet. Less than 3 VAC between neutral and ground. Use the table below to determine which tests apply to the unit under test and the maximum allowable leakage currents. For international leakage limits, refer to the internal standards agencies of that particular country. If the unit under test fails the leakage tests, do not allow the customer to use the equipment.

Call Tech Support for assistance. See the How to Reach Us page in the front of the manual. GE Marquette Medical Systems recommends that you perform these tests: Before applying power for the first time Every 6 months as part of routine maintenance Whenever internal assemblies are serviced NOTE The accuracy of the leakage tests depends on a properly-wired wall outlet. Do not proceed until you verify the integrity of the power source. M A Table Follow the instructions provided with the leakage current tester that you use. Test 1 Ground-wire-leakage-to-ground To be tested power connector on back of tester may not be labeled on some testers.

To be tested power connector on back of tester may not be labeled on some testers. To prevent erroneous readings, do not allow the leadwires to contact conductive materials such as metal handles, and do not place the leadwires on the floor. If the metal surfaces are anodized or painted, scrape off a small area in an inconspicuous area for the probe to make contact with the metal.

Use a digital multimeter to check ground continuity from the AC line cord ground pin to exposed metal surfaces. If the measurements are significantly out of range, check for breaks in the power cord or in the internal connections within the unit. These maintenance procedures can be performed more often if indicated. Pins J These assemblies, illustrated in the block diagram, are discussed in more detail in the individual assembly chapters along with replacement procedures.

Assembly Block Diagram Isolation Barrier. A Pins J1 Table Pins J7 Table Small things disconnected cables, foreign debris on circuit boards, missing hardware, loose components can frequently cause symptoms and equipment failures that may appear to be unrelated and difficult to track. Take the time to make all the recommended visual checks before starting any detailed troubleshooting procedures Table Replace as necessary. Power-up Self-test On power-up, the system automatically runs an internal self-test. Sh8 pin 13 Battery OK?

No Start-up screen displayed Yes No Stabilization period over? Use a simulator to obtain an ECG report. If the report is good, the problem is external to the unit. These tests check the operation of the display screen, speaker, keyboard, thermal writer, battery, and communication.

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Detailed information displays on screen. Loading the System Diagnostics 1. Select Main Menu on the Resting screen. Select More. Select System Setup. At the prompt type the word system, the password set at the factory, then press the enter key. If the password was not changed, the System Setup menu appears. If the menu does not appear, use the master password. If the system s unique password is inaccessible, create one following the instructions in Substitute Master Password later in this section. Type prod at the service password prompt. The System Diagnostics menu appears. Substitute Master Password If you do not have access to the system s password, you can create a master password as follows.

At the prompt for the system password, enter meimac. A random 6-digit number displays on the screen. For example, Write the number down and create a new 6-digit number by adding alternating digits from the random number as follows. Add: first and third digits, second and fourth digits, third and fifth digits, fourth and sixth digits, fifth and first digits, and sixth and second digits.

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Disregard the 10s column when adding the digits. The new number from the example above would be Enter the new number, then press the enter key. Go to the Basic System menu. Select Miscellaneous Setup. Select the System password line and type the new password in the space. Press the enter key.

Select Save Setup from the System Setup menu. Select To system.

GE MAC 5000 Operator's Manual

System Diagnostics Main Menu Use the arrow pad control to highlight a menu item, then press the enter key to select it. There are no screen display adjustments. The screen display tests are as follows. Use the arrow pad control to move the bar across the screen and look for any missing pixels on the display. Press the F1 key to turn on all of the pixels simultaneously.

GE Mac 5500 Ecg/Ekg System

Leave the screen in this test mode over night to remove the burned-in look to the softkeys. Press the enter key to exit the test.