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Post review. Most helpful. Version 2 of Handy Calculator eliminates my two previous complaints see below. I felt it warranted a new rating so I gave it five stars partly because it is now a much more useful calculator, and partly to offset the three stars I gave it before. It works and looks great, and is now my go-to calculator, so much so that I've assigned it to one of the unused function keys on my keyboard.

Like 1. Since I'm not a scientist, my needs are simple. This application is undeniably the perfect solution for all non-scientists seeking a Mac solution to calculating "stuff.

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I love this app! As an older gentleman who has poor vision, I really like using Handy Calculator due to its simple, uncluttered but sleek black design, large numbers, and its ability to show accumulative calculations in its display string.

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I find that Handy Calculator is considerably nicer than Apple's default calculator, which in my view, is an eyesore. Please note that I only use a calculator occasionally, and for very simple mathematical computations. Thus, Handy Calculator meets my needs just fine. Thanks developer for making this a free app.

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I asked these guys to add the ability to press the "C" key on my keyboard to clear the calculator, and they did. Really good customer service to match a really good app. Beautiful calculator much nicer looking than apples one. Some handy features not a bad price - please make editing easier though thanks! This is an attractive calculator with some great features, but it's let down by two major annoyances: 1.

How to Show a Paper Tape in Calculator App for Mac

You cannot edit a formula that you've typed in any other way than by deleting characters from the end. So if you make a mistake halfway through, you can't just change one digit, you have to delete the last half of the formula to get back to the digit you want to change.

While working, I often end up working with Admittedly, this is a problem most calculator applications suffer from, those covered in this article included. The exception appears to be Always on Top Calculator, a cheap little calculator that—you may have guessed it — always stays on top.

Powers, roots and goniometric formulas are out of the question. However, contrary to those applications, Soulver is very fast and intuitive to use. Instead of wrestling for control of intricate formula chains, Soulver allows you to use something very close to natural language.

Although the application is especially popular among fans of the RPN mode, PCalc is an all-round great scientific and programmer calculator. The first version of PCalc was released over twenty years ago, in Any one of these examples is reason enough to integrate Wolfram Alpha into your workflow as a computational knowledge calculator.

The default way to access Wolfram Alpha on your computer is through your browser. However, other apps allow for a more tight integration of Wolfram Alpha.

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My personal favorite in this area is Fluid , which allows you to turn any website into a standalone application. Most calculators allow you to save some intermediate results to a spot in memory, remaining there for later perusal. For more complicated calculations, one such spot in memory quickly proves to be insufficient. Magic Calculator is an advanced calculator, with support for functions and variables.

OMFG the Mac’s Calculator has always had a paper tape

Save any number or formula evaluation to a chosen variable name and start juggling intermediate results like an expert. More advanced usage is also possible. Magic Calculator lets you define functions yourself.