Avast antivirus mac edition 2.74 review

Competing software aside, there were no other installation hassles. In particular, we didn't have to register, create an account or follow any of the other made-up procedures companies typically use as an excuse to get your details.

The closest the installer got was an offer to send us a download link for the Android client if we handed over our email address, but this was clearly optional, and we ignored it without any problems at all. Avast Free Antivirus has a lot of features — more than some commercial products — but it does its best to keep them out of your way, at least initially.

At a minimum you can just launch the app, click Smart Scan and watch as it automatically checks your PC for malware, missing software patches, dubious browser extensions and more.

Avast! 4 Home Edition v.4.7

Despite all this work, scan times were relatively speedy for us at seconds. Previously you could speed up scans even further by customizing the Smart Scan to turn off particular checks, such as the Performance Scan, which by default Avast Free can't fix anyway try, and you're prompted to install Avast Cleanup Premium. Unfortunately, the Smart Scan doesn't seem to be configurable any more.

Another option is to head off to the Virus Scans dialog, where Avast provides options to scan specific folders or drives, your entire system, or to run a scan at the next reboot, before Windows starts. Experts can also set up and schedule multiple custom scan types which carry out the precise actions the user defines. You're able to choose the areas to scan and exclude, file types to check, archive formats to expand, actions to perform, and more. That's a big improvement on most antivirus packages, which often allow only a single custom scan and force you to manually decide its actions each time.

You can schedule these tasks to run automatically, too, so you could perhaps set up a full check to run every day, with speedy and more basic scans running every few hours. Anyone who likes to fine-tune their security will appreciate the control on offer. Avast's web filtering abilities are mostly handled by its browser extensions. The Chrome add-on quickly highlighted dangerous links in our search results, but we noticed that it didn't have any ratings for a surprising number of popular sites.

If the system has no information on domains like these, we suspect it's probably going to miss a lot of more suspect URLs. Still, even if you do visit a malicious site, Avast Free Antivirus will scan any downloads or executed files, and should catch a threat before it can do any damage.

Bonus features start with Avast's excellent Wi-Fi Inspector.

Good Malware Protection Scores

This powerful tool scans your local network and reports on any connected devices and their types, which is handy to see who else might be using your Wi-Fi. Each device is checked for security issues such as weak passwords and poorly configured network settings, with Wi-Fi Inspector highlighting any problems and recommending what to do next. A simple password manager supports Chrome and Firefox, and can save new logins and automatically log you back into those sites whenever you return.

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It can't compete with high-end password tools like Dashlane, but it covers the basics, and can sync your logins with other devices Windows, Android and Mac. Software Updater is a simple but effective module which scans commonly exploited software for missing updates, and offers to download and install them for you.

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This is unique among anti-virus software we tested, and it looks for devices on a network engaged in malicious behavior.

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Other anti-virus software packaged with network monitors either whitelist local network activity, or treat it the same as any malicious Internet attacks. One negative is the soft but distinct upsell of Avast, which is sensible in its Free version, but not necessarily in a Pro. A Tools item on the lefthand navigation bar mostly displays other available products, like VPN service.

A one-time message at installation might be acceptable, but mingling features and items for sale is too heavy-handed in a security product.

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  8. Once created, you can use it to add machines to log in from the software for a computer to join the account. Unfortunately, the account provides no remote mangement or configuration, just reporting. The combination of active ransomware scanning makes it somewhat more superior to the folder-based method in Avast, while central configuration and remote control in Sophos can help for a disparate set of family or small-business users. Avast Software. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever.

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